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My name is Salena Kulkarni. I work with busy professionals and business owners who want to create wealth and a future income stream through property investing.

In hindsight, the path that has led me to creating Phoenix Wealth Group has been perfectly logical. I’ve always had a love of numbers, and to this day I still love a good game of Monopoly. I had a very strong emphasis on maths and business at school and this continued in my career as a Chartered Accountant. I consider myself really lucky because my career has taken me all over the world and exposed me to many big corporations as well as government organisations.

In 2000 I began to invest in property. It started with a simple desire to create my own financial freedom, so that I had the freedom to choose how I worked, spent time with my family and to pursue my own business interests. As my fascination with property investment began to grow, I started to invest in education and sought out great mentors to support my growth. I feel I am lucky to include as my friends, some of the most successful investors in Australia.

I began to see patterns in the way successful property investors made money; similarities in mindset, attitudes and the way in which they took action. From this I began to create strategies for clients to succeed and helped them to avoid some of the mistakes I had made in my early days.

I could stop working now and focus solely on my own investing as a full time occupation, but what I am really passionate about is working with people who want to fast track their success, leveraging their time and money by accessing the wisdom, insights and networks I have built.

What I really want is to help you prepare for a wealthy retirement, create more freedom in your life and reduce your financial burdens.

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