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Biggest Risk for Property Investors

Hi there Salina Kulkarni here from Phoenix wealth group and in today's short video, I just want to talk to you about risk reversal and specifically what I see to be the biggest risk in the market at the moment for property investors. So I was talking with a client the...

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A bullet -proof vest for property investors?

Hi everyone, Salena Kulkarni here for Phoenix Wealth Group, and in today's short video, I want to talk to you about how use sensitivity analysis to make you self a lot more bullet proof in todays environment. So I was working on a strategy session with a client the...

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How much profit in a property deal is enough?

Hi Salena Kulkarni here. And in today's video I just talk about this idea of how much profit or how much wealth is enough out of one investment. So I work with a lot of clients who occasionally say to me look Salena, I'm interested in going out and trying to source...

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Paying less tax & property investment

I just want to talk about planning your property investments and how that relates to effective tax paying. So I’m speaking to a lot of clients on a daily basis who are not only looking at growing property portfolio but they’re also concern about the tax effectiveness...

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Why speed in execution is your friend?

There are 3 key elements that you should consider when thinking about how to elegantly execute property transactions. This short video shows you how. So one of the key elements of success for property investors is the capacity to execute with speed. I just want to be...

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How aggressive should you be with property investing?

There are some investors who are passionate about accumulating as many properties as they possibly can in the shortest possible time. It is important to understand that this approach to property investing doesn't suit everyone and that it not only takes more skill,...

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