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Hi everyone, Salena Kulkarni from Phoenix Wealth Group and in today’s short video I want to talk about the frustrations that you might be experiencing with the restricted lending that’s happening in the banking sector.

I kind of understand that there are two sides to the fence when it comes to thinking about why the banks might be restricting their lending and making the serviceability calculators tighter and tighter. In other words, putting a handbrake for lots of people who would like to invest in property from doing so.

Now one school of thought is that well from an investor point of view and certainly I’m experiencing this personally it’s kind of frustrating that even when you’re taking a fairly conservative approach to your investing and you’re not going to be in a position to go too much further. The flip side to that is and I recognize this and you know if you think about it from a grounded and reasonable view point is that all the banking system is doing right now is forcing people to stop borrowing and to consolidate and reduce debt.

That’s got to be a good thing for the country. I get the idea that we don’t want to become a nation that lives way beyond its means. So as an investor my view is the next 6,12, 24 months maybe even as far as into three years into the future. While the lending criteria is so tight what is really important is that you focus on debt reduction. I’ve said this in other video blogs.
Debt reduction is still to some degree increasing your net worth. It’s forced savings and it’s going to accelerate your wealth position in the simplest of ways. So instead of getting really frustrated that you can’t borrow to invest focus on reducing debt, focus on eliminating personal debt.
In terms of credit cards and other miscellaneous loans and just bide your time if you’ve got the right mindset opportunities will always present themselves and eventually you’ll get into a situation where you can start to borrow from a stronger asset base.

If anything in this video resonates please get in touch otherwise place like and share our videos and we look forward to catching up with you in future. Salena Kulkarni, signing off.

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