[Case Study] People who invest in property are always looking for people they can trust to help them make more money.

You had hoped property investing would be straight forward, but its a minefield of information and what you’ve tried so far hasn’t really worked to your satisfaction.…

Maybe this is you?

Here’s the thing – just INVESTING IN PROPERTY doesn’t mean you are going to get great results.
In fact statistics tell us that the percentage of people who make a real go of it fail….perhaps you already know that.

In this case study video, our client Brent Williams explains how he has used his income to build a robust strategy that has put him on track to earning a 6-figure passive income stream over the next decade.

  • Brent discusses…
  • What was holding him back as an investor
  • How his investment strategy is providing a rich lifestyle now
  • How he will actually achieve his financial goals
  • How he built the team to do all the heavy lifting
  • How to avoid stress and emotional stress that normally comes with investing
  • and much more….

Click the button to view Brent’s case study video and add a proven wealth strategy to your life.

Salena: Thanks for joining us today. I know there’s a bit of background noise that I really just wanted to take the time to ask you a few questions, now that you’ve been through the experience having gone through a strategy session with me and we’re very clear on the road ahead. Can you just give me a bit of an insight into your experience with investing before we met?

Brent: My experience before we met, I bought a property…  Before we met I don’t have much experience I had a general overdue understanding of property and duty. Well so you know the property is just a general tax but not in great detail.

Salena: And so obviously we’ve done a couple of projects together now and we’ve just spent some time refining your strategy. What made you actually want to seek out property investment advice?

Brent:  Because I don’t want to be an expert and I want leverage to the people that I trust and believe and had the knowledge and understanding that I don’t. I’m so on time for I just I’m just not rich. So I’d like to focus on things that are in my life that if I can leverage understanding around property investing. We’re not just sit understanding with a run through with in terms of research required. And I’ve seen the big picture and that would be a good strength from me.

Salena: So I know we’ve been through your specific situation and we really mapped out a couple of different ideas for how you’re going to take your property investing forward. What difference is that going to make your work? What are the benefits that you see in that process?

Brent: Well you know, I was fairly confident that based on a strategy that already committed with you my plans to move forward that I was trying to beat my financial goals and I think that during the session I’ve done with you today, has really made a crystal to me. And I think that clearly. The more motivated see it through take the actual step. So I think nothing else is huge renovations to continue on the past I’m at and assume I going to retrieve those outcomes

Salena: Is there anything else that you might say just in terms of anyone who’s thinking about taking on property investing advice as opposed to doing it themselves.

Brent: Yeah. Well look I think I want to make two comments. First one is in general sense take your advice and treat themselves, you really want to leverage people that are kind of taking the path you want to take, it’s all about selling recipes in life rather than just people that are honest and make mistakes, gone to many versus doing yourself. I think that as you said enough people you will educate yourself in that process to find out who is good and who is not, so that with one person. It’s as simple as that. I think you definitely want to take that responsibility ourselves. And so, the second thing that I want to say with regards to you Salena, you know I been in a world for 15 years, 16 years now and been around a lot of educators, entertainers and people that talk about property whether it’s advice whether strategy, implementation or have you had to say you are above the best person that I’ve ever worked with your integrity and heart is second to none. And I was you know I think the deep thing was. Well it’s a serious, it’s really emotional were talking about money people are emotional about that and it can bring up stress if it doesn’t work out well. And I think what’s so wonderful about you is while I have had a great experience if I didn’t I know that you would be able to. mitigate the risks involved in whatever the situation is. And give me a level of confidence of certainty that these are looked after. And I think that anyone who’s going to put their trust in someone with the money and commitment in their life, you want to do it with someone you feel good about and have certainty in and someone who has your back. You Salena tick all these boxes. And I couldn’t recommend you highly enough!

Salena: I really appreciate you comment. I really appreciate your feedback and support and I look forward to working with you on projects over the next few years.

Salena: Thank you very much.

Brent: Thanks, Salena!

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