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How does a female exec get to a 7-figure asset base with no effort?

This is the story of a client who really wanted to make the most of her premium income. She had no spare time, no inclination to study about investing and felt her superannuation wasn’t going to get her where she wanted to go. She wanted a fast-track, low-risk approach to property investing.

So the client I want to tell you about today. Came to me she was probably one level off being my partner in the film that she was in. She had been earning reasonably good income for quite a period of time. And she was looking to understand how she could leverage her time and money to actually start creating some alternate financial futures herself.

Her biggest frustration was that she literally was working from early morning to late at night often weekends just didn’t have the time or the interest in learning about what her investment options were.

Obviously, she was contributing to Super but I could see that that wasn’t really going to give her the financial future that she wanted. What really drove her to come and see me was she was looking for someone that would give her an end to end experience and who would also map out for her strategy which left her in the driver’s seat. What we’ve actually done for her has we created a plan. We’ve looked at her spending habits and tweaked those a little bit in order to create more surplus cash for her to invest. And we’ve put in place a strategy around picking up a number of investments over the next five years which will put her in a six figure a passive income stream over a period of 12 to 15 years.

We are already up to the property number three. She has had an outstanding result with the first three investments that she’s made and she’s already created about four hundred thousand dollars in profit over a period of three years and she’s well on track to get that level of income that she’s after. And she recognizes that she’s only got a very small window of time in order to create that income. So she’s really keen to do as much as she can as quickly as she can.

Hope you found that really useful if you are looking for a resource to help you better understand property. Highly highly recommend you get onto our webinar on our website. And as always feel free to leave me comments. Signing off, Salena Kulkarni from Phoenix.

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