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Hi, everyone. Salena Kulkarni here from Phoenix Health Group. In today’s video. I want to talk about a question that I hear all the time which is how can I make the income stream from my property happen sooner!!

So everyone is ultimately interested in the property because either it gives them a chunk of equity that they can convert into cash and used to live a life they want to leave or they’re interested in actually creating an income stream in perpetuity.

What I would actually say to you is the question that I hear most commonly from people who are on the path to creating an investment portfolio, is how I get there sooner. And the reality is with the property it’s time that does the heavy lifting for you. If you can have patience and you buy good quality investments then over time as they grow in value the asset itself will do most of that heavy lifting.

If you’re the sort of person who is saying well I can see that I’m going to get where I’m going in say 15 years. But I really want to bring it back to you closer to that 10 to 12 year mark where that asset base is generating the income stream that I want then the simplest way for you to achieve that is to actually really look at your the way that you manage your cash flow and use that surplus cash to reduce the debt on those assets. The quicker you get that net asset position to where you want it to be the faster you’re going to earn that income stream for it.

So for some people, investing is that thing that they just want it to have existed in the background to tick away and not actually have to contribute or divert any of their income from their lifestyle. Now however if you’re in a position where you’ve got surplus income, you’ve got enough money to have the lifestyle that you want then I’d highly encourage you to divert some of that income into debt reduction. It certainly isn’t the sexiest strategy out there but it’s the one that I know is most effective for drawing that income stream toward you.

So I hope you found this useful. If anything in this video resonated for you or you want to ask more questions please get in touch. Otherwise please share and like this video and catch you next time.

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