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Hi everyone Salena Kulkarni here from Phoenix wealth group. And in today’s short video, I want to talk to you about the essential nature of building a good business case.

So many people buy properties either because it was a good idea, a friend had it, they visit somewhere, they go to a seminar or they get caught up in the emotion of buying an investment property, without actually taking the time to build a solid business case. Now my view on building a business case is that you work hard once you, get it right and then you execute with confidence.

So, in my opinion a good business case is one which is based on facts and figures. So it’s a really important thing that you have a good handle on what all the key numbers are and the key numbers are things like what sort of rent are you going to get, what is the yield, What is the expected capital growth, What is happening on infrastructure spending. Well, there are so many different elements to it, but what you’re doing is you’re trying to build a written document which gives you very clear understanding is what are the drivers of capital growth and what are the drivers of increases in rental yield.

When you’ve got those two things down clearly you then have to make an informed choice about whether this property investment is going to stack up for you. A lot of people will skip over the step of building a business case because they know they’re happy to rely on the media reports or opinions of others.

But what I would say to you is if you really want to we want to be operating as a professional in the property investing space then this is a step that you cannot afford to overlook.

If anything in this video resonates for you or you want to get in touch. Please do otherwise please like and share this video and look forward to catching up with you next time.

Salena Kulkarni signing off.

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