Salena: Thank so much Mel for agreeing to let me interview you today.

Salena: I guess the first question I really want to really want to start is just tell me a little bit about you and your experience with investing so far.

Mel: I think my experience pretty much translates in a savings account and that’s about it. My parents they’ve invested in property before so I see them do it. But that’s pretty much the crux of it.

Salena: And so tell me why. Why you were interested in seeking out, actually sort of very tailored company investment advice.

Mel: anytime I would try myself. It just became a process just kind of blocking out all the noise and everyone said different opinion. So I never really found anything that was suitable for my needs and how I wanted to approach property investing. So I just had it quite overwhelming and I did at the start. And I knew how important it was to start. The right way. This is such a big. You know such a big step for me personally. So I really wanted to someone to help me try to help me through this whole process.

Salena: what works for you when you think about property investing? What are the real benefits of investing why you want to be a property investor?

Mel: Because I think I can just see how much potential that has to basically give me just more freedom in my life for my future, because I find especially living in Sydney the income, cost of living is so high. It just worries me over time. You know once I Know what a family or a son and if those costs are going to keep rising I’m really being constantly try putting to work and having to pay off debt. You know I don’t have to worry about that for my future, so much you just saw I just saw property as a way to kind of help me. And give me some more time back into my life.

Salena: That’s great. And so having been through the process that we’ve made now like how do you feel the advises helped you and will help you

Mel: Well it gave me a lot. It was really great because it gave me a lot of different types of strategies and I was able to see that kind of pain one that would work well for me and I feel comfortable with going after. So. I feel like I was out. I think that was really important. Because. I am competing with people who are my age and have been in the market a lot longer than I have

And I really don’t know you know what’s right or what’s wrong.

And I just don’t want to pay for it. Literally. Yeah financially. So their process is super helpful as holding me through the whole. Noise process where trying to keep going and basically, by giving us forecasts as well over time. It’s really motivating to see how it can grow and how it can affects in the future and there’s possibility really occurs me to keep going. Because you know it’s always the easiest thing to do that’s it

Salena: And just one last question. I’m just wondering who you think this kind of service in terms of property investment advice would be suited for.

Mel: This. I think anyone

Mel:  I think is great because it’s so customizable to your own lifestyle you’re income and your own means and goals and so it’s really matter where you are in your life. I think it would just help give you a pathway to follow and to achieve whatever you want achieve and the possibilities that are available for you.

Salena:  Fantastic. It has been a pleasure you’re working with you Mel and I look forward to helping you make lots of money in the years ahead. Thank you so much.

Mel:  Thank you. Thank you.

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