Salena: Thank you so much Phil for agreeing to give me some feedback today. I’d like to start by asking you, tell me a little bit about your experience in investing before we actually got connected?

Phil: Well probably just inconsistent approached over the years, you know, we had a couple of attempts, not probably not one serious attempt, so it is more of a shotgun effect around trying to identify a suitable investment property, so don’t we really put any level of research, I guess we lack confidence but we has the right plan, the right strategy in finding quality investment, and that held us back from moving forward.

Salena: What made you seek out some specific property investment advice?

Phil: We just became, after having lived and worked overseas for nine years and then flying back into the Sydney market and looking at you know, our longer term strategy just starting to think about having more structure approached to finding suitable  investment options and it was really only during your presentation that I attended with my wife Trish , that you know, things got into falling into around the sort of the approach we could take and the different options that were out there, and getting some real world advice around  relative merits of different or no, you come across as more of an unbiased approach I suppose, presenting the facts as they , you know, you say them to be , at least, and the pros and cons, and then making ones sort of well-handled recommendation that sort of guided us.

Salena: Terrific! Can you tell me a little about how you feel about the process that you’ve been through in terms of since we have started working together?

Phil: I think what you’ve done is you have given us small, digestible facts, where I would have been you know a new world, a lot of unknowns about how this work, and get my head around to the things that I felt are steady paced up until you started talking, maybe back in October, whereabouts,  and it’s now March and were sort of, well it’s been steady and I don’t know, I don’t feel like, I’m being pushed into anything or you know, you presented a few different options and given us again the pros and cons around those options. And I can see genuinely getting excited about in finding what you think is a great options and that’s infectious and that makes us wanting to keep going. I just feel more comfortable that we have a plan now

Salena: That’s great. And in terms of outcomes, what sort of outcomes do you still see you self-achieving over the coming years?

Phil: Well I guess the desire outcome, is that we will move into you know 15 to 17 years or so, we will be comfortable that we can transition out of full time work and still be able to have a good quality of life and not having to worry about necessary having to show up in Sydney and get out and get to somewhere where we can afford to have a quality of life, to be and not to be able to stay to where I expect one day or two I see grandchildren and live in the same town with them or at least have the option to do different things and little bit of quality in life, that’s probably the key expectation. I’m not into or I guess I’m deeply suspicious around any sort of get rich quick schemes, it’s not about that it’s more about building a long term realistic approached to comfortable life and also to have an opportunity to leave a legacy rather than debts to my kids when time comes.

Salena: That’s terrific. Just to finish up, what would you say to anyone who is thinking about getting investment advice versus DIY?

Phil: I think, the line that stands up for me is, and you know, Respect the experts, find the experts and trust their advice. I wouldn’t try and go in and you know, built a car on my own or something, I would build my own house, I would bring in an expert carpenter to do that you know, so why trust my own lack of knowledge or experience in investing when there are experts out there that you can work with.

Salena: It’s been terrific working with you Phil, I really enjoyed it and thank you so much for the feedback

Phil: No problem.

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