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Hi Everyone, Salena Kulkarni from Phoenix Wealth Group, and in today’s short video I want to talk about the importance of why reviewing your portfolio on a regular basis is so important.

So I’ve been working with some clients who have been with me for some years now, and we were getting together for our regular review session, and what I advocate is that you are actually reviewing your property portfolio on at least a six to twelve monthly basis, especially right now while the market is a little bit I would say sensitive, there are some major reforms happening in the banking and finance sector, it’s really really important that you keep an eye on what is really happening at a grassroots level to your portfolio.

Now this might include looking at things like, what has happened to your overall LVR, if the value of your properties has actually gone up, then hopefully your LVR has improved, now as time passes, the goal as a property investor, is for your LVR to continue to improve.
Now LVR, sorry for those of you who don’t know, it’s your LOAN to VALUE RATIO, so effectively your debts stay the same, but the values of your property continue to rise, so that ratio should improve now, if you are doing this on a 12 monthly basis.

You can simply go to, look for a comparative sales and get an indication of perhaps, where your portfolio sits. Now especially if you are not planning to refinance these properties replying on recent sales is probably a reasonable way to go if you are talking about actually going and getting proper valuations, then you can expect to see that number or the value of that property, probably, below of what you could get in the market, just because valuers are highly conservative, the other thing you should also consider is looking at your cash flow situation on each property, how that’s impacting your lifestyle as well as a whole range of incorporate based on what is important to you.

Now if you are really clear on what your exit strategy is, then those are the things that you would monitor on a regular basis.

So for those of you, who have a portfolio of properties, but you are not taking time to do those regular annual reviews, I highly recommend, that you get in touch, it’s important that you are constantly evaluating and assessing and making sure that you have got a successful portfolio.

Hope you found this useful, Salena Kulkarni from Phoenix Wealth Group, signing off.

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