Salena: Thank you so much, Steve, for your time today, I’m really keen to get a little feedback from you on the process that we’ve through. Can you start just by telling me a little bit about your role and how intense the work that is you do?

Steve: My role in the business, I am a director, but also my role in the business is business development, I liaise with a clientele also do a little bit of paperwork such as invoicing and generally a little bit of bookkeeping as well.

Salena: So what’s your spare time like, I mean, the work that you do obviously is quite intense do you find that you got a lot of spare time?

Steve: I think that depends on yourself if you try and have spare time to myself, I think that’s very important, it all depends on yourself and I guess, me, if I feel that I need time off, I’ll do it or whatever, that’s the beauty of having your own business.

Salena: Just going back down, we obviously met a nearly couple of years ago now, what was it that prompted you and like explore a working relationship with me?

Steve: You know, I believe in my intuition. I got a good feeling after I talked to you, I feel I can connect with you, I think that probably the biggest thing, I feel better in conversation, that I could trust you, that was the reason why we started this working relationship.

Salena: And where were you in your investing life when we connected, what was your frustrations that made you seek to get some professional support?

Steve: I think, because of our busy lifestyle, initially my way of investing is to buy a property, tuned up and then resell them but because of the new business and focusing on this new business, I need someone to help me invest and taking a different way of investing instead of buying and selling and tuning it up which takes a lot of your time, and I don’t have that at the moment, because I’m concentrating on this new business.

Salena: Could you possibly share what it was that you got from me in terms of a solution, what service did you get from Phoenix?

Steve: The service, for me it’s, I guess, you have found a property for me, you ‘ve done all the working act, I feel confident that the way you do things will keep the profit in the future.

Salena: And how did you feel about the prices of building a strategy before we went out to actually find some projects?

Steve: It gave me confidence, seeing what you’ve done, what you’ve worked out, and pretty much gave me the confidence of going ahead.

Salena: And in terms of the outcome, you know obviously, we’ve got several projects that are in train and the outcomes from each of those are almost predetermined because they’re going to be manufacturing some profit. How do you feel about running down that sort of projects in conjunction with our business?

Steve: Oh, that’s a hard question…

Salena: Let me ask you differently, you obviously running a very profitable business and that is actually going to be a great asset to you in the future, why are you bothering to invest?

Steve: Because I want more security than focusing on one particular thing which is my business, I want things that can be making money, and maybe an easier way as well as investing in property.

Salena: So given the experience that we’ve been through the details strategy session, and when we started out the client project, who do you think will be a good fit for the kind of service and advice that I’m offering?

Steve: Professional people that have the desire to have a better lifestyle in the future and more time, I guess that’s the biggest thing.

Salena: Now look, that’s really terrific, and I really appreciate you seeing me Steve, you’re still a client and I really enjoy working with you and I hope in the years ahead, we make lots and lots of money for you.

Steve: Yeah and time, time for myself and my family

Salena: thank you so much, Steve.

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