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How to Start Property Investing When You are Young

Hi everyone, Salena Kulkarni here from Phoenix Wealth Group, in today’s short video, I wanted to do a really practical blog on how you can get yourself into the property market if you are someone who is just at the beginning of their working career.

So I have actually been speaking at a conference last week with a whole bunch of people, who are quite young, but who are very hungry and enthusiastic about creating wealth for themselves, whether, they are at the beginning of their career of just about to embark on their careers. The reality is that the market forces and properties are becoming harder and harder to access and unless you have a plan on how to get yourself started, you are actually going to find it really challenging to get involved.

Now with these younger people, really the starting point is about getting that first deposit together to get themselves into a home and, I showed them very simply how they could, by calculating the number of hours they are prepared to work the amount of money they are going to earn, the amount of money that they are able to actually put aside, they could very clearly outline over a three to six year period, how they were going to accumulate the right amount of money to get their foot in the door.

Now at the same time, it is really important to be understanding what are the financial requirements and the lending requirements, but I think if you have got that first starting point of getting a basic plan together, then as a younger investor, you are certainly going to put yourself streets ahead of what most other young people are doing which is spending all the money that they had.

My view is that a few short years of delayed gratification can result in a massive financial relaxed outcome at 10 to 15 years.

If you would like any more information about this, if either you or your children are wanting to get involved in property investing and you would like a little bit of support in moving forward, then please go ahead a reach out for me, book in for an audit and yeah, hopefully connect with you in the future.

Salena Kulkarni, Phoenix Wealth Group.

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