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If you’re really serious about building wealth in your life, real wealth, intergenerational wealth and creating a legacy for yourself, then there is no better place than Salena’s Freedom Warrior Mastermind.

What interests me most in the Freedom Warrior program, are the alternative property investing strategies. I have been involved in wealth for close to two decades and she offers think outside the box education that compliment my current strategy. I love how unique the content is and how detailed it is, along with the community of like-minded people.

Above all else, her vetted network into international advisers and deal makers is second to none.

B. Williams, CEO, Private Enterprise
​Gymea, NSW


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Discover the framework that delivers business owners an income stream that consistently delivers high performance returns regardless of market conditions.

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I couldn't believe it when a good friend of mine that is a finance broker said he was thinking of a change of career. He's been a finance broker for many years and he's a guy that really cares about his clients. He has weathered many storms in his industry, but he's...

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The Formula for Financial Freedom

Hey everyone, Salena here. I want to talk today a little bit about one of the real commandments of being a freedom warrior in the mastermind that I run, and that is that a freedom warrior knows that financial freedom is achievable. Now, if you ask the average Joe...

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