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If you’re really serious about building wealth in your life, real wealth, intergenerational wealth and creating a legacy for yourself, then there is no better place than Salena’s Freedom Warrior Mastermind.

What interests me most in the Freedom Warrior program, are the alternative property investing strategies. I have been involved in wealth for close to two decades and she offers think outside the box education that compliment my current strategy. I love how unique the content is and how detailed it is, along with the community of like-minded people.

Above all else, her vetted network into international advisers and deal makers is second to none.

B. Williams, CEO, Private Enterprise
​Gymea, NSW


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Discover the framework that delivers business owners an income stream that consistently delivers high performance returns regardless of market conditions.

Property Investment Articles

What if your runway to retirement is short?

Hi everyone, Salena Kulkarni here from the Freedom Warrior Mastermind, and in today’s little video, I want to share with you a concept I called changing lanes. So your ability as an investor to change lanes and adopt marked conditions is critical to your ability to...

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Why Investors are Struggling to Get results today

Hey everyone Salena Kulkarni here from the Freedom Warrior Program, I want to share with you today, an insight in why I believe the current Australian Property market is really struggling to get results today. So I was working with a group of students earlier this...

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Salena Kulkarni here from the Freedom Warrior mastermind. Today I want to share with you is an insight into what I think is getting in the way for many business owners really creating massive financial freedom in their lives. So I talk to business owners on a daily...

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Making Financial Legacy A Reality

Hey everyone Salena Kulkarni here from the Freedom Warrior mastermind. And in today's little episode I want to share with you why, when it comes to legacy it's not how much you leave behind that matters but how you have brought people on the journey with you that will...

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Navigating the Economic Rollercoaster

If you are already a property investor, there is a good chance you are probably feeling frustrated or concerned right now. The market is stagnating. The government is toying with property investor incentives for sport. Property still feels expensive. And what many...

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A Critical Filter For Professional Investors

Hey everyone Salena Kulkarni from the Freedom Warrior Program and in today's video, I want to share with you a filter that I think if you adopt can really catapult you into a much higher quality investor. So I work with people who are aspiring to become professional...

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