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I started my career as an accountant with Deloitte before realising that there weren’t quite enough creative and entrepreneurial opportunities in pure accounting. I did in fact go on to become a chartered accountant and had the chance to work for some amazing publicly listed multinational companies. These opportunities allowed me to travel all over the world for work including London, Hong Kong and New York. 

It was my husband who first got me interested in property. He had great ambitions to build a property portfolio and led the way on this path. It was only when I fell pregnant with our first child, that I decided to take a more active interest in what he was getting us into. I was immediately amazed at how much I loved property and how at home I felt with it.

I set about educating myself from the ground up. I actively invested using range of different strategies, worked with some big developers, learnt how to understand the numbers and completely restructured the investments we had. The best thing I did was to find some amazing mentors who were not ‘famous’, but were quietly, massively successful.  My husband was more than happy for me to take charge of this.

In 2010, after I had been avidly investing in overseas market, I was approached to create a program to help people better understand how to invest safely overseas. This evolved into many students asking for more hand-holding and I eventually launched my first property consultancy, Splash. 

Since then, my interests have led me to further develop technical skills and strong relationships across Australia. I now work exclusively with people who want to use their hard earned income to create the most amplified wealth they can via property.

I launched the current version of Phoenix Wealth a few years ago at the same time as certifying as a Property Investment Adviser. I now work as a property strategist to help people fast-track their success with property investing with attention to their unique situation, risk profile, goals and means. 

For most people, working in the ‘rat race’ is necessary. Most people have to give this 100% of their energy and focus. It demands most of your waking hours. So for many, retirement and wealth creation gets delegated to ‘later’ or at best some basic financial planning advice.

As each year passes, the retirement “runway” is getting shorter and shorter. Ultimately people’s health is in the balance – decades of doing the same daily grind takes it’s toll. My programs are designed to take people from feeing unsure, powerless around their finances to confident, proactive and empowered around money.

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