People who invest in property are always looking for people they can trust to help them make more money.

You had hoped property investing would be straight forward, but its a minefield of information and what you’ve tried so far hasn’t really worked to your satisfaction.…

Maybe this is you?

Here’s the thing – just INVESTING IN PROPERTY doesn’t mean you are going to get great results.
In fact statistics tell us that the percentage of people who make a real go of it fail….perhaps you already know that.

In this case study video, our client Andy H. explains how he has used his income to build a robust strategy that has put him on track to earning a 6-figure passive income stream over the next decade.

Andy discusses…

  • What was holding him back as an investor
  • How his investment strategy is providing a rich lifestyle now
  • How he will actually achieve his financial goals
  • How he built the team to do all the heavy lifting
  • How to avoid stress and emotional stress that normally comes with investing
  • and much more….

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Salena: So thank so much Andy for making time to chat with me today, obviously we have known each other for quite a while now, and you have been a client for some time. Could you just start by giving me a little bit of an overview of who you are and what sort of work you do?

Andy: I’m from England, been in Australia now for 11 years, and I train church leaders all around the world, and basically teach them how to be better at what they do

Salena: Fantastic. And what is the sort of intensity of work that you do? how much spare time does that leave you with?

Andy: I’ve tried to get better at it and now that we’ve got a 2-year-old son, but that’s a lot of travel around Australia and Asia and around the world and so time in the evening is particularly very valuable.

Salena: Absolutely understand, so what was prompted you to come and see me and work with me?

Andy: It was after we got permanent residency, we felt like we are at a stage where we want to make Australia our home and take all those kinds of steps and so looking to basically invest and not wanting to just buy off from without any insight or competing with all these people. And so we really wanted a strategy and to leverage I guess off your expertise rather than just making a blind decision choosing a  property  just because  it’s in the budget or it looked nice or it’s not in an area where I would want to live or something like that.

Salena: Fantastic. And tell me about the solution or the service that we worked on together.

Andy: So it’s over 2 years ago now, so it’s gone really fast! you asked me a whole bunch of questions, and where I was at financially and then my goals and dreams and those kind of things, and I remember you went away for a week or so and put together a report and a strategy. Really giving different end results as so I was willing to contribute right now but then what was my end result in 20, 30 years’ time that I was after and I think the reality for me is, I don’t want to give up my job, so I’m not trying to be in a financial position where I stop what I do in 15 years’ time, so I can just sit by the beach.

I actually really love what I do, and I want to keep doing that for as long as possible and don’t plan on retiring but I do want to be financially secure, financially secure for family, to be able to enjoy holidays, and to have a pick of schools and things like that. And so you kind of show different projectors I guess, and then within that different properties that we can start on, in different regions in Australia and different budget properties and I think that what I most appreciate from you was that, I didn’t feel like you had a specific property that you wanted to flog that month,  you really let me choose and it felt like you gave me a choice of properties, showing me how each property could work with different strategies, but at the same time, I really trusted you that, if you didn’t have a property that was going to work for me at that time, you would tell me, or if you didn’t feel like buying a property with the right strategy  at this time that you would tell me and you would be fine with that.

Salena: Absolutely, thanks for that, I’m curious as well. What sort of person do you think would be suited to taking this more structured approach to property investing.

Andy: I know you have a lot more sophisticated investors than me, this is my first investment property, and so I can’t speak how many other sophisticated investors would. But for people that, like I said, who just don’t want to go blindly buying from, but want to have someone that is going to support them through it, is going to advise them. I think one of the reasons why I was comfortable working with you, is because there are plenty of property investment companies who are out there, and they all advertise in magazines, and you might feel like just a number to them. Whereas with you, there is relationship, and it’s personal, and I know that you are always there, even just a few weeks ago, I was emailing you, asking questions about depreciation reports, and that’s what I really want, someone that’s going to hold my hand through this experience.

Salena: That’s terrific. I really enjoy working with you Andy and look forward to helping you build your portfolio in the years ahead.

Andy: Yeah, thank you so much.

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