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Are you carrying buckets or building a pipeline?

I often witness confusion in investors between high income and high net wealth. In other words, most of us confuse bucket carrying for pipeline building.

The parable of the pipeline teaches us that bucket carrying does not endure. Essentially a job of any variety, including most businesses, is a modern-day version of bucket carrying.

Since the idea of high income is held up as the ideal, it is not surprising that most people believe that the pathway to success is to find a job or business that pays well.

Having worked with many ‘high income’ earners over the years though, I can tell you now that regardless of their income, most are only a few pays from broke. In other words, if the business or other paid income stopped tomorrow, the ticking clock to bankruptcy would be a matter of months.

The majority of bucket carriers will put an enormous amount of energy into growing the bucket, or in some cases trying to carry multiple buckets. More buckets means more income, right?

Whether you are in business, or you work for someone else, if you sell your time for money, then you are effectively carrying a bucket.

The good news is that in our modern world, there is a growing awareness that investing and building a pipeline of passive income could be the way to putting our bucket down sooner. However, as it’s unfamiliar and fraught with perceived dangers, it gets tossed into the ‘too hard bucket’… (hahaha!).

It seems simpler to just keep working and doing what’s familiar, than to learn or think about a different path.

The lesson? No matter how big your bucket is, when you stop, it stops being filled.

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