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What if capital growth was nil?

Hi everyone. Salena Kulkarni here from Phoenix Wealth Group. And in today’s short video, I actually wanna share with you some of the really exciting conversations I’ve been having with people about how to behave like a property investor in the current environment.

So there’s a lot of people asking me lots of questions around if capital growth isn’t something you can hang your hat on over the next sort of three to five years. What else can you do as a property investor? And I think the fact that people are asking the question of, “What else?” Is fantastic in itself. I’m a huge advocate of finding opportunity regardless of what the market is doing. But the second part to that is if you’re looking at say for example the Australian market, how can you to some degree insulate yourself against a period of flat capital growth?

Now there’s a number of strategies that lend themselves to manufacturing equity, creating profit. But you wanna make sure that you don’t take on something where again, you’re hanging your hat on making a very small margin, say for example in a quick renovation. My personal view is that there still are opportunities in the Australian market. You do have to work a little harder. But if you can find opportunities where you can manufacture a significant amount of profit straight away, then what that’s going to do is that if we go into a period of either very flat growth, or a slight decline as may happen in some of the major markets. Then what you’re going to do is, you’re automatically going to be able to sit back, relax. Because perhaps you’ve bought in a highly sought after area where the prospects of rent are falling, or they can see are very low.

But they’re the sort of strategies that you wanna be honing in on. The strategies that have worked over the last decade or last 20 years, in fact, are probably going to flounder a little bit in the coming years, partly because lending is so tough. But if you’re really passionate about creating wealth through property, then you’ve gotta be looking outside the square. I’d also say this is a great time to be looking at opportunities within the U.S. market. That has kind of fallen out of popularity a little bit over the last five years purely because the Australian dollar has gone down, and also there’s a lot of perceptions out there that you have to take on high risk in order to get the safe returns, which is not the case.

So if anything in this video resonates with you, and you’d like a little more help, please either reply at the bottom of this email or send me a message on LinkedIn or on Facebook. Salena Kulkarni signing off.

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