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I am interested in property investing because I want to leverage my time more and build a secure future for my family. I don’t plan to work forever and the sooner I can build wealth the quicker I get to my financial goals.

Salena is very honest and more importantly than that committed to the client’s outcome. This, I have found, is surprisingly rare in this industry. Most providers are only interested in the bottom line and what is in it for them.

I know Salena cares about my outcome and wants me to succeed. It is more of a long-term approach to building a relationship with a client who will keep coming back. She is a great listener who wants to get to know your personal goals and aspirations so that she can align them with the right investment.

She is also well networked so if she does not have the answer herself, someone she knows will have it. With her you are also getting her team. Of course, things don’t always run according to plan when it comes to property, but she dealt with challenges very well even at her own detriment. She will make the sacrifices needed to ensure the client has a good experience. This is one of her most impressive qualities.

I would describe my relationship with Salena as very close. She is a caring person with a tremendous drive to succeed. These qualities resonate with me greatly and is why we have built a solid relationship.

Brent W., Gymea NSW 2227

CEO, Tomorrows Youth

I was unsure about buying an investment property before I met Salena because of the many risks and stories we’ve all heard, not to mention the task of simply knowing what to do, when to do it, and how to do it best were all factors.

Salena’s help is invaluable. Her knowledge, finance background and skills in researching properties are key. Salena presents investment opportunities that have been filtered down satisfying important investment criteria that ultimately maximise potential rental income as well as capital growth opportunities.

I can see the main benefits of owning an investment property are that you can maximise opportunities for your financial future while you are in your prime income earning years. Having a diversified portfolio other than shares and managed funds in something physical and concrete such as property is also part of the attraction.

Salena’s knowledge and determination to see her client’s profit from investments she recommends is impressive. The properties Salena suggests have been well thought through from many angles and are built by companies she has researched, trusts, and with which she maintains established and strong relationships.

Salena will follow through on hiccups along the way always resolving them in a satisfactory way. She is a skilled negotiator and takes a very balanced approach when righting any wrongs. Salena is both a friend and an investment advisor in whom I have a great deal of trust and confidence in helping me build my investment portfolio.

Paul Y., Geneva, Switzerland 1207

Senior Consultant, International NGO

I was attracted to buying investment properties because I see them as long-term security, sound investments, consistent returns, with good set and forget options. I decided to buy one with Salena’s help because she was suggested by a friend and highly recommended.

After some research, Salena’s background in a number of areas that are critical to property investing was the key reason in working with Salena. I’d recommend Salena to people because she is very approachable, well informed, an experienced property investor and has a very strong and diverse portfolio, good listener, can individualise options/approaches to property investment.

I would suggest that challenges will always occur with any investment. Having said that Salena has kept me informed at all times when these have presented themselves and worked to resolve these challenges quickly to ensure there are minimal impacts both financially and to any timeframes.

I feel I am in the very early days in what I see as a long partnership in property investing and wealth creation, we have a very open and honest relationship that includes respect and trust.

Ryan F., Braddon, ACT 2612

Programme Director, Department of Human Services

I wanted to invest in property because of the return on investments with a long term view to building wealth. I decided to work with Salena because of her outstanding support for a new investor and the clear ability to work as a team rather than just engaging a provider.

She is extremely professional and approachable with a genuine focus on creating a deal where both sides are winners! When there were challenges in the process Salena was professionally, patient and pragmatically.

I was kept up to date and understood what the issues were and more importantly, how we were dealing with the challenges.

I would describe my relationship with Salena as both professional and personal. We have become great friends during the time we have been doing business and I have no hesitation in recommending Salena to prospective clients.

Graham B., Canberra, ACT

Executive IT Manager

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