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Hi everyone Salena Kulkarni from Phoenix Wealth Group here. I wanted to share with you a story of a client that’s been working with me for just over 18 months now, young fellow IT professional, he’s in a long-term relationship, he’s got reasonably good income I would say but felt that it was going to rise substantially in the future.

In terms of problems that he had before he came to see me, he wasn’t passionate about the share market and really wanted to know how to invest in property but he just really didn’t know where to start. He couldn’t figure out how early retirement, which was one of his primary goals was a possibility if he didn’t take action now. His work was relatively high intensity which didn’t leave him with much spare time and to be frank, he said he didn’t have much interest in spending his spare time understanding what all his investment options are.

In terms of impact, the reason he came to see me, was he recognized that he was living on, no reserves and had no savings plan, he had pretty big dreams and financial aspirations, but no plan on how he was actually going to get there.

Finally, he also said he wasn’t actually interested in doing more study to learn about investing and really wanted to build a team of professionals around him that could support him to do that. So for David the framework that we worked on was, the application of the The Money Matrix™ which is really a framework to help identify his particular relationship to risk, his preferences what his capacity was, his goals, how much of his premium income he was prepared to divert into property investing and really I guess the starting point where David was getting his financial foundations right, he had a great income but between a relatively expensive car lease and some expensive tastes in hobbies, he just wasn’t saving anything.

What we did in terms of an action plan was we looked at where he was trying to get to as far as financial goals and then reverse engineered a few different plans for him, and gave him multiple options so that he could actually understand the financial impact of each one of those, if I were to describe the outcomes for David at present, he has committed to a definitive plan, he has implemented some simple strategies in place to help him manage his money day today, and he’s got a really clear understanding of the pace of investing that he has to maintain just for the next five years along with a very clear understanding of what his exit strategy is going to be in 15 years’ time, because he is young he has been very happy to take a slightly longer approach in terms of outlook and time frame.

I asked him to reflect to me what lessons he had really gleaned from the experience of working with me, the first thing you said was relief on having a plan is massive, the recognition that no action was actually going to cost him upwards of a couple of million dollars over that ten-year period, 10 to 15 years, and I think the third thing he had listed here was, he didn’t realize that to earn a significant amount of wealth through property investing you don’t actually need to be a bisque big risk taker, so I think he was pretty happy about that.

If I were to share with you some of my insights into David as a character in his journey the first thing I’d say is  that it’s really important to understand when it comes to property investing there is no right or wrong, and there’s certainly no need to agonize about decisions that you may have made in the past there really is only preference, and opportunity costs, so when you invest in one kind of property really what you’re doing is you’re preventing yourself from investing in another kind of property which is fine as long as you feel that you’ve made the best investment choice for each dollar that you spend and at that particular moment, the second lesson that I would kind of share with you that certainly I feel David has learnt is that, very small decisions today can have a massive impact over 10 15 years, so I think you know it’s a very common expression people overestimate what they can achieve in a year and underestimate what they can achieve over a decade.

If anything that I’ve said to you sparks your interest and you want to you sparks your interest and you want to understand a little more about property investing and strategy advice, then please feel free to get in touch, my personal email address is

Look forward to connecting with you in the future.

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