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A Critical Filter For Professional Investors

Hey everyone Salena Kulkarni from the Freedom Warrior Program and in today’s video, I want to share with you a filter that I think if you adopt can really catapult you into a much higher quality investor. So I work with people who are aspiring to become professional investors and I was chatting to someone this week about one particular filter which I believe to be of critical importance when it comes to discerning good investments from bad and making investment decisions. And that is of being investment agnostic.

So being investment agnostic means you don’t rely on flimsy evidence you don’t rely on media sources you don’t rely on people’s opinions in order to make investment decisions, what you do is you come to an investment as a clear plate as a someone without any preconceived ideas and you do your due diligence and you do your assessment based on what’s presented in front of you. I feel when I talk to investors about the portfolio that they’ve already created are generally been built on emotional decisions, on other people’s opinions, on media sources  that they’ve put reliance into evidence provided by somebody else. And to some degree or another they’ve kind of abdicated their own vetting and due diligence process. What I would encourage you to do if you really want to step up and you aspire to be a professional investor then you really need to be cultivating and understanding the Importance of Being investment agnostic.

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So anyway hope you’re doing really well and look forward to catching up with you next time. Salena Kulkarni signing off.

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