People who invest in property are always looking for people they can trust to help them make more money.

You had hoped property investing would be straight forward, but its a minefield of information and what you’ve tried so far hasn’t really worked to your satisfaction.…

Maybe this is you?

Here’s the thing – just INVESTING IN PROPERTY doesn’t mean you are going to get great results.
In fact statistics tell us that the percentage of people who make a real go of it fail….perhaps you already know that.

In this case study video, our client Jeff B. explains how he has used his income to build a robust strategy that has put him on track to earning a 6-figure passive income stream over the next decade.

Jeff discusses…

  • What was holding him back as an investor
  • How his investment strategy is providing a rich lifestyle now
  • How he will actually achieve his financial goals
  • How he built the team to do all the heavy lifting
  • How to avoid stress and emotional stress that normally comes with investing
  • and much more….

Click the button to view Jeff’s case study video and add a proven wealth strategy to your life.

Salena: Thanks very much for your time Jeff, I really appreciate it. Just wondering if I could start by asking you to give a quick description of the intensity of your work and how much free time you get.

Jeff: So, the intensity of my work is very full… I have a bit of a different bar to compare with noting with my previous work where there was a lot of short notice, crisis, response etc.  But there is certainly not a day that goes by where there is no work for me to do. But over the years I have been trying to get better with balancing work and family commitments, But certainly very busy.

Salena: So, what was it that prompted you to come and see someone like me a property investment advisor, what were you looking for?

Jeff: Based off a lot of the reading I had done it makes sense to be dealing with someone who is doing this as a daily job. Obviously, I can’t devote the same amount of time as someone who does this as a job day in and day out. So that was the key driver

Salena: So, what did you really love about the service that you got with strategy sessions and the report you got through us?

Jeff: I would probably say it was the confirmation of things that I had a broad awareness and understanding of, it was a good sounding board for various strategies, and helped me able to confirm in my mind which way I wanted to go.

Salena: In terms of moving forward with your property investing, what are your aspirations? What are you really hoping to achieve over the next 10-12 years?

Jeff: I would say over the next 10-12 years, its about building a solid foundation to give me the flexibility to do whatever I want in the future, If I want to peruse something else where my day to day job isn’t providing as much cash flow, it doesn’t matter.

Salena: So, from your point of view and having worked with me now, what type of people should be looking to take on an advisor when there thinking of growing a portfolio?

Jeff: I think it’s someone who knows they won’t be doing property investing full time, they still love their core job, but they also know it makes financial sense for there family to be investing more broadly. It makes sense for someone who s time poor.

Salena: Thankyou very much for your time today Jeff. I really look forward to working with you in the years ahead.

Jeff: No worries, Thanks for your time as well Salena.

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