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You must future pace your investments

Hi Everyone, Salena Kulkarni here from Phoenix Wealth Group, and in today’s video, I want to actually talk about a concept that I called Future Pacing your Investment Decisions.

So one of the things that I find really important as an adviser is to really show people how each investment decision will turn into a particular amount of wealth in the future. I called that future pacing their investment. What that actually does is it gives them an insight into how each small decision that they make around what they do in their investing will actually have an amplified effect over time.

Now obviously the assumptions that you make, the variables that you bring in to your analysis can have a huge impact in what that looks like. What I would like to encourage to all investors to do is look on a property that they hold and say given what’s been going in this market, given what is going to happen based on infrastructure that’s been committed to other factors on population growth.

What is the likely growth that I’m going to get in this property over the next 10 years? Now if you are a portfolio-based investor, then extrapolating that across your whole portfolio becomes really important. The reason that future pacing is really important is I think that a lot of people aspire to this concept of “I want to be wealthy”. But until you actually start future pacing each of those investment decision it becomes really difficult to know exactly how many properties you actually need to achieve what you want.

Having them a free-floating goal of I just want to be wealthy isn’t good enough in today’s market and with all the limitation around the banking, reforms, and changes of governments legislation. Potentially sitting around the corner, you need to really be very mindful with every investment decision needs to count.

So, I guess, what I would say to you if you are working with any kind of adviser whether its a financial planner or some like myself who is a property investment adviser, when you are looking at future pacing try to do something that’s either firstly something highly conservative, secondly maybe a little more optimistic, and in something as middle of the road in-between.

Now obviously property doesn’t grown in straight line but this general rules of thumb that you could put in place to help you understand what is potentially going to happen to your portfolio in the future.

Hope you found this video helpful. As always please leave me any comments. I look forward with connecting with you in the future.

Salena Kulkarni, Phoenix Wealth Group.

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