People who invest in property are always looking for people they can trust to help them make more money.

You had hoped property investing would be straight forward, but its a minefield of information and what you’ve tried so far hasn’t really worked to your satisfaction.…

Maybe this is you?

Here’s the thing – just INVESTING IN PROPERTY doesn’t mean you are going to get great results.
In fact statistics tell us that the percentage of people who make a real go of it fail….perhaps you already know that.

In this case study video, our client Peter M. explains how he has used his income to build a robust strategy that has put him on track to earning a 6-figure passive income stream over the next decade.

Hi, I’m Peter Morrel, and I’ve known Salena Kulkarni for a number of years through various business networks, and as a property professional myself, I’ve always been very impressed with Salena’s knowledge of the market and the numbers behind what makes a successful property investment. I’ve certainly always enjoyed the discussions we’ve had about where she sees value, the region she sees value in, and about how she goes about selecting suitable properties for investment.
And since then, my wife and I have done a couple of products with Salena and I couldn’t tell you how happy we are with how those projects have turned out and about the backup services Salena has given us.
I couldn’t recommend Salena Kulkarni highly enough as a property professional.

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