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Why Aussie property alone won’t get you to financial freedom

Hi everyone. Salena Kulkarni here from Phoenix Wealth Group. In today’s short video I want to talk about what is becoming the biggest pain for Australian property investors in today’s market. So there’s no doubt in my mind that investing in property is one of the most lucrative ways of creating substantial wealth in one’s lifetime. Has been for the last 20, 30 years and maybe beyond. But what’d definitely apparent right now is that there’s a massive discrepancy between the income that the average Australian earns, and the cost of real estate. Combined with the fact that it’s a very crowded marketplace, its making it exceptionally difficult for people to get wins.

What I would say to you is also occurring is because of the way the metrics are working, it means even if you held a reasonably good asset here in Australia out right, by the time you take out all your costs of holding that property the cash flows are dismal. So let’s imagine you own a one million dollar property in a primo area. Let’s say you get a reasonable yield on that earned income stream of say five percent. That sounds pretty good. But by the time you take out your costs, that five percent can often to one to three percent.

Now if you ask me to tie up a million dollars and return, one to three percent is not a great return. So my feeling right now in the market is you’re doing the same old strategies and earning anywhere from one to three, maybe four percent, you’re really doing yourself a disservice. Now is the time to be considering alternative strategies where you can boost cash flow in a safe and conservative way, but you can do it without having to follow what everybody else is doing. The same old methodologies that have been used time and time again are not working anymore.

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