People who invest in property are always looking for people they can trust to help them make more money.

You had hoped property investing would be straight forward, but its a minefield of information and what you’ve tried so far hasn’t really worked to your satisfaction.…

Maybe this is you?

Here’s the thing – just INVESTING IN PROPERTY doesn’t mean you are going to get great results.
In fact statistics tell us that the percentage of people who make a real go of it fail….perhaps you already know that.

In this case study video, our client Sophie Z. explains how he has used his income to build a robust strategy that has put him on track to earning a 6-figure passive income stream over the next decade.

Sophie discusses…

  • What was holding him back as an investor
  • How his investment strategy is providing a rich lifestyle now
  • How he will actually achieve his financial goals
  • How he built the team to do all the heavy lifting
  • How to avoid stress and emotional stress that normally comes with investing
  • and much more….

Click the button to view Sophie’s case study video and add a proven wealth strategy to your life.

Salena: So the first question I have for you is, can you give me a sense of who you are and what sort of work you do?


Sophie: Oh, very busy, a single mother, trying to work full-time, I have a child, basically trying to make the most of what I have at the moment with the time I have got and trying to secure the future for myself and my child.


Salena: So, you were already investing in property when we first met, what is it made you think that you wanted to take a more strategic approach to it, what was your drive then?


Sophie: I can’t really see my financial freedom from just basically investing very randomly without any self-strategic advice and knowing that I won’t be able to retire my Super because I’m not part of the CSS or BSS. It really gives the sense that I need to have a strategy in the next 20 – 30 years before I retire basically.


Salena: And like we see stats with specific goals that you like to achieve over the next 5, 10, 15 years if you achieve those, what would it mean to you personally?


Sophie: It means, I have more time to look after myself and the people around me, and basically to be able to do more for others, to pursue my interest and the goal I always have.


Salena: We obviously worked with a fairly structured framework in terms of looking at where you were, where you want to get to. Was anything in there that you particularly found useful personally, in terms of the analysis for you?


Sophie: I guess the numbers are really important. so to have the plan laid out in front of me, to say that, this is what you have to do in the next 5 years if you want to achieve acts and if you want to achieve XYZ in the next 12 years, this is what you got to do and I guess that gives me the option of choosing the path where I want to go down, where I want to work hard, save hard or where I just  do it fairly in a relax way in the next 15 years, so then I have the option in front of me which is really good.


Salena: Fantastic. What would you say to anyone who is thinking of either getting a strategy together to investing property versus to just do it themselves, like what advice would you give to people who are thinking about taking a structured approach?


Sophie: I guess, if the person has a lot of time and able to have an ability to research is like when we go to university, you flare to the person who is very disciplined and able to do all the research and able to come up with all the very scientific finding, that’s right, I guess in that regard they may have the chance. But for people like me, who is not very financially savvy, who basically, have all their own profession but basically drowning in their personal affairs and trying to work hard and have a family and all that, is really really important to have an expert advice. It’s like where we get sick and always go to a specialist because we want to get cured immediately, so it saves time, saves money, saves effort and same, I guess financial in the financial world as well, we need expert advice, needing people to help us out, who has been there, done that, and know it all basically, when we try to figured it out ourselves because, I guess as I always tell you, I’m not an expert in this area therefore I rely on your help.


Salena: Well, look Sophie  I’ve really enjoyed working with you so far and I really looking forward to helping you achieve some big goals in the years ahead, so thank you so much for giving me your time this morning, I really appreciate it.


Sophie: Oh thank you so much Salena.

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