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Make sure your most valuable team members only ever leave for the right reasons

One of the greatest frustrations of employers & business owners is the loss of valuable senior staff to competitors and other organisations because of money. Salena works with senior teams and organisations, sharing ideas and (sometimes radical) education on how to thrive as an investor. An employee’s decision to remain in employment should never have anything to do with the lure of more money elsewhere.


Helping your team understand how to create wealth for themselves eliminates friction in employer / employee relationships and helps people feel valued, engaged and above all free to enjoy their work for what it is, not what they get paid!

Do you hear any of these things:

  • Staff discussing financial stress at home
  • People sharing feelings of financial pressure
  • Someone worrying that their superannuation isn’t going to be what they want it to be
  • Someone unable to save money or get ahead financially
  • Don’t know the right people the help them get started in growing wealth
  • Don’t know who to trust them to help them grow their wealth
  • Wonder if they should join another organisation that offers better pay and conditions
  • Don’t have enough time to focus on wealth
  • Worry about time running out before retirement
  • Understand that property investing is the way to accelerate wealth, but don’t know how to get started

Are your staff unhappy, or do they lack motivation because they are distracted by their finances? If so, this could be costing you real money.

Our in-house workshops are tailored to your needs.

Topics include:

  • How to use property to create financial freedom before retirement age
  • How to get your high earned money working harder for you
  • How to turn high income into high net wealth
  • Money habits of the wealthy
  • How to develop your own property investing strategy
  • How to develop an action plan and goals to drive your property investing
  • How to create your own unique property investing risk blueprint to guide your investment decisions
  • How to effectively weigh up the strength of a property investment

What our trainings will do for your people

  • Increase their peace of mind around their personal money and wealth
  • Improve the financial management skills of your team
  • Reduce the risk of staff turnover due to staff chasing money
  • Increase staff loyalty; they get you care!

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