Quite Simply: The Most Effective Framework For Developing Multiple Streams of Income and Assets EVER... 100% FREE Training

Discover the framework that delivers business owners an income stream that consistently delivers high performance returns regardless of market conditions. Whether you want to insure against difficult business events, generate more income, build legacy or simply create the freedom to retire sooner. This system will open the door to a whole new way of property investing that has never been done before.


Are You A Business Owner That...

Is generating good cash from your business, but want to diversify into other pillars of wealth? 

Wants to stop blindly following the Australian property market and understand the principles to diversify wealth in global markets?

Is interested in understanding how to create a financial legacy and build freedom into your life? 

Is tired of working with finance professionals who pad their own pockets by selling you their products? 

Is experiencing crappy returns and growth and want to understand what the rich folks are doing?

Then This Training Is A Must.

Discover How To Make The Profits Of Your Business Work Harder Than You Do

Over the last 10 years, Salena Kulkarni has personally worked with hundreds of people who want to break away from the norm and achieve outstanding results with their property investing. Many of her clients have gone on to create substantial property portfolios has changed the course of their financial future. 

During this time, Salena has refined her network, frameworks and the systems she uses with her top clients... and now she will share this in just 60 minutes. 

For a limited time this event is free. But it is not for everyone.

NOTE: This training is open to selected successful business owners that are ready to achieve breakthrough results and build a robust pillar of wealth. 

In this training, you will learn:  

  • New cutting edge investment strategies
  • How to find overlooked loopholes in the property market globally
  • Understand where the most lucrative investment opportunities lie
  • How to adapt your investing to market conditions
  • How to achieve accelerated investment results and build another robust pillar of wealth

All so that you can massively accelerate your financial freedom.

Who is it for:  

  • Successful business owners looking for better investing their results
  • Those interested in developing inter-generational wealth and legacy
  • Investors who are willing to look beyond the limitations of the current market
  • People who want to create solid 6-figure passive income stream within 5-7 years. 

Who it is not for:  

  • Those business owners who have not yet optimised their business income
  • Those who are fearful of new strategies and ways of thinking
  • Investors who struggle to take action

Limited Places Available.

"Salena's event has filled me with huge motivation to continue the path and achieve bigger outcomes with my money. I definitely want to leverage Salena's network and knowledge." BRENT W.

"Professional business people that want to have better lifestyle and more time should go to Salena's event." STEVE K.

"Salena knows her stuff. Every business owner who is doing well should be looking at opportunities to accelerate their wealth." MICHAEL G.

"Salena applies what she teaches to her own circumstances. This is real world advice from someone who is in the game everyday." SIMON B.

Salena Is The #1 Authority On How To Build Sustainable Wealth By Blending Australian And US Property. 

Salena Kulkarni is an Amazon Bestselling author Author, Chartered Accountant and Certified Property Investment Adviser. She started her career as an accountant with Deloitte before working for a series of multinational companies all over the world.

She has been an avid property investor for two decades. After realising the leverage of time and finance that property investing could create, Salena became massively enthused, driving her to invest the time, energy and money to become an expert in the field.

She is passionate helping people who want to use their hard-earned income to amplify their wealth via property. She now works as a property strategist and mentor to help people fast- track their success with property investing with attention to their unique situation, risk profile, goals and means.

Her latest program, Freedom Warrior, is a Mastermind designed to expose people to a new world of property investing and insights into strategies normally reserved for the ultra-wealthy.